Strategic Plan

Leveraging our historical track record and financial solidity, our future operations are guided by the 2023-2027 Industrial Plan, which outlines strategic directions, sets objectives, and allocates necessary financial resources.

Future Horizons
The Industrial Plan identifies two main business areas:
  1. Direct Investments
  2. Products and services for third parties

In the photovoltaic sector, we aim to consolidate our role as an independent integrated operator by achieving the following plan objectives:

Authorize approximately 300 MW, of which 150 MW to be installed within the plan horizon, focusing on medium-sized initiatives (generally between 5 – 10 MW) in Tuscany, our main reference territory, and in the Central-Northern regions.

In the geothermal sector, the goal is to complete the authorization process for two binary cycle geothermal power plants, also through partnerships with leading industrial and financial players that will support us or continue to support us in the construction of the plants.

As part of our role as an integrated operator, both Divisions will also be engaged in the development and implementation of renewable energy communities (CERs) in line with recent legislation aimed at promoting their diffusion throughout Italy.

Products and Services

Expand the scope of the Products and Services Division, which, in addition to continuing to expand its customer base (photovoltaic, energy retrofitting, home automation, and video surveillance), will also contribute to the implementation of photovoltaic initiatives developed by the Investment Division.