Investments Photovoltaic

The sun is the largest source of energy in nature, with radiation that can be converted into electrical energy through photovoltaic technology. The realization of numerous ground-based or building roof installations has allowed us to establish ourselves as a leading private sector operator.

A "solar" heritage

We have invested in the realization of 32 large installations throughout the national territory with 237,823 modules installed for a capacity of over 60 MW and energy produced sufficient to cover the needs of about 35,000 families. We have also developed and made feasible an additional 120 MW that will cover the annual needs of 90,000 families. This structural and energy heritage has been the subject of significant transfers to a leading international fund in 2018 and 2022, from which useful resources have come to plan a second phase of development and construction according to the lines of the 2023-2027 Plan.

Plan focus

Our strategy in the photovoltaic sector focuses on medium-sized installations from 2 to 20 MW in the central-northern regions of Italy. We intend to finalize the authorization process for 300 MW within the industrial plan period, of which at least 150 MW to be completed by the end of 2027.

Photovoltaic step by step

Step 1
Identification of suitable land according to the current regulatory context and related contracting.

Step 2
Obtaining permits for the installation's realization also through the support of technical and administrative consultants with an extensive sector track record.

Step 3
Feasibility and realization of the installation.

Step 4
Commissioning of the plant, sale of electrical energy, management, and maintenance of the installation.

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