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We create control, management, supervision, and integration systems for all installations within a building.

Home Automation

We are experts in building automation and home automation for the automation of homes and work environments with the aim of creating intelligent buildings where smart management of systems improves comfort and safety, and optimizes energy consumption. The protocols we use are all standards present in the building automation world for over 30 years: KNX, MODBUS, DALI.

Building Automation

The decades of experience gained in the sector, collaboration with leading international manufacturers, and excellent knowledge of operational protocols allow us to propose applications potentially without limits depending on the environment and objectives.


From simple switching and control to advanced color and light intensity regulation systems; advanced diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

Thermal Regulation

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) in building automation is the acronym that defines the integrated control of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. The integration of these systems guarantees better comfort for users, greater healthiness of environments, and, with careful configuration, maximization of energy savings.


Intelligent management of natural light reduces energy costs and contributes to sustainability. The integration of security systems, including home presence simulation, provides additional protection, and monitoring of external environmental agents can safeguard the life of the motorizations themselves.


Integrating audio/video systems into a home automation system offers a vibrant convergence of technologies for a superior living experience. Centralized and remote control of devices creates a synergistic and customizable environment, with users able to easily manage entertainment and lighting, improving comfort and creating atmospheres suitable for different activities with a single click.

Simple and Immediate Management

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