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We create small to medium-sized systems installed on industrial building roofs or land, tailored to your spaces and consumption to achieve energy self-sufficiency.

Photovoltaic Installation
The phases of our work

Step 1
Site survey, analysis of relevance, study of exposure, and evaluation of consumption.

Step 2
Development and design of the system with full customization of modules, inverters, and any storage systems.

Step 3
Installation, technical-functional testing, and connection of the system to the grid.

Step 4
Maintenance service, monitoring, and fault analysis, with prompt intervention.

Plant Maintenance

Always by your side to maintain the efficiency and productivity of your photovoltaic system.

Our services

Routine Maintenance
Periodic interventions to ensure the good condition of the entire production plant through cleaning and checking of panels and all system components.

Constant monitoring of parameters and performance of various components through innovative thermography systems, drones, and real-time remote control software.

Extraordinary Maintenance
Immediate and professional interventions for sudden problems with the system. Our technicians act on any type of malfunction, handling repairs and/or replacements of defective equipment.

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