Our Values

We define strategies and pursue our goals guided by our values: Sustainability, Transparency, Solidity, Professionalism, and Territoriality.

Our Values

Our interventions are sustainable from both a financial and environmental perspective.

Transparency and Solidity

Key elements in building relationships with all our main stakeholders: clients, administrations, and financial partners.


We rely on highly qualified and constantly trained personnel to serve our clients best and achieve our industrial goals.


We are part of a Tuscan Group with 70 years of history that operates in the green sector throughout the national territory.

We are committed to contributing to the goals of the 2030 Agenda, which represent an important guide for a sustainable future for all.

ONU Goal 7
We invest in renewable energy production and develop photovoltaic systems for third parties.
ONU Goal 8
We offer opportunities for decent work and professional development to our employees, promoting a corporate culture that fosters inclusion, diversity, and equity.
ONU Goal 9
We offer home automation solutions aimed at creating living and working comfort while reducing energy waste.
ONU Goal 11
We carry out energy efficiency interventions on buildings because we believe that sustainable urban development can generate prosperity and reduce inequalities.
ONU Goal 12
We are committed to reducing the environmental impacts associated with energy production and consumption, aware that unsustainable models are responsible for climate crises, biodiversity loss, and pollution. We work every day to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste and pollution, and promote a circular economy.
ONU Goal 15
As a Green company, we are committed to protecting terrestrial ecosystems, using clean energy sources, and promoting environmental sustainability in all our activities.
Sustainable Development GOALS
Take Action for the Sustainable Development Goals