Investments Geothermal

Producing energy by harnessing the natural heat contained within the Earth. We have conducted research projects aimed at creating, in suitable territories, innovative "zero emission" binary cycle power plants with which to extract hot fluids from underground for subsequent transformation into energy.

Next-generation Power Plants

Our geothermal power plant model provides the maximum guarantee of "zero impact": the fluid extracted from underground, after generating electricity, is re-injected into the same subsoil without emissions into the atmosphere. The process is carried out in next-generation low-visual-impact plants, perfectly integrated into the surrounding context and without evaporative towers, respecting the environment, territories, and communities.

Geothermal Network – Business Network

Tuscany is one of the most important geothermal hubs in the world. For this reason, we promoted the creation of the Tuscany Geothermal Network, which gave rise to a network with operators holding research permits and industrial entities capable of providing the necessary skills to develop innovative technologies. Among the goals is the establishment of technical-institutional committees with public authorities and the signing of protocols for the valorization of geothermal resources, the activation of funding, and the acceleration of the development paths of power plants.

Plan focus

The research projects conducted over the last decade for the exploitation of geothermal resources have laid the foundations for the realization of some plants in Tuscany through purpose-built companies controlled by Graziella Green Power. The 2023-2027 Industrial Plan foresees the completion of the authorization process for 2 geothermal plants (15 MW total) with the prospect of completing their construction within the plan period, also availing ourselves of the technical support of leading operators with extensive sector experience. We also intend to transform a third geological and geophysical research permit into a cultivation concession.